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First published in 2014 by Hachette

Format: Hardback and Paperback

Two stars of Australian picture books join forces to create an irresistible and unlikely pet!

Today is Pet Day in Lily's class. All the kids bring in their pets - hermit crabs, parrots, mice, puppies, ferrets and ducks - but Lily brings her dragon. Class smarty-pants Courtney says to Lily that dragons are only in fairy tales so how could she have a dragon? However, when all the pets misbehave in the middle of the all-important pet parade, guess who (or what) saves the day? This gorgeous and funny story about finding your voice is the first collaboration between two of Australia's leading picture book creators. 


Big Pet Day has been sold into the following countries: Australia, New Zealand and the UK


‘There are a lot of pet books around, but Lisa Shanahan’s originality brings this popular topic freshness in her latest picture book Big Pet Day. With an interesting and large cast of characters, Big Pet Day is indeed full of action and surprises. The reader is invited to explore what happens in Lily’s class on Pet Day. Lisa Shanahan makes it totally believable that a dragon could be a pet. Gus Gordon extends the fun of this story with his brilliant illustrations. He successfully creates an energetic and busy classroom environment. My five-year-old son enjoyed looking at the character’s reaction to the pets visiting the school, which resulted in very slow page turns. I personally liked the added touches, such as the dragon’s hat and the use of collage and vintage cutouts. With action packed text and humorous illustrations, Big Pet Day is a highly appealing picture book suited for 4 to 8 year olds.’ Kidz Review Krew

‘A delightful story which will intrigue and engage younger readers. All the fun of being at school with your peers is shown, with a hint of some of the snide remarks made by one of the children. School is presented so clearly, the frazzled teacher having to use all of her skills to make the day successful for everyone, the principal strolling in at the end, unaware of the chaos that has reigned during the day, the little cameo sketches of the classmates: all is charming, heartwarming and very real. The wonderful illustrations by Gordon enhance the story, showing a group of kids having fun with their Pet Day. He has used a range of media to create his illustrations for the book, including line drawing, crayon, cut-outs and watercolour. All is engrossing as I loved looking at all the detail on each page, working out how each page was done, as I am sure younger readers will as well.’ Fran Knight, Read Plus