Kids' Night In

Gee it's been awhile. I've been in the midst of my picture book ('Wendy') drawing and painting around the clock as fast as my hand (and brain) will allow. Deadlines will be the end of me one day.

In other news, I was recently asked by Penguin to contribute to 'Kids Night In'. This will be the third in the series. The royalties of these books are donated to War Child, an aid agency that works to help children throughout the world affected by war. Writers and illustrators are asked to contribute stories, poems and illustrations. As you can see above, I chose to do something not quite so serious - surprised? These books are well put together and are lots of fun. Plus, it's a darn good cause. The third instalment will be out in October so check it out.


A Northern Beaches Studio

I thought I'd post some photos of my studio as I'm madly working on my picture book at present and can't really show any of the illustrations until it's published - something like that anyway. This is by far the best studio I have ever had. Like most illustrators I spent many years drawing on kitchen tables. This was an old garage when we moved in. We pulled the old horse hair ceiling down to expose these fantastic old beams. They seemed very appropriate. Some french doors helped to get some nice light in and the carpet is great in winter for warmth and for catching paint. Add a splash of Mediterranean blue and bang some cupboards and bookshelves in and viola! Almost too good to work in!

Click the photos for a bigger pic.



Finally finishing up my other book work, namely Michael Wagner's 'The Undys - One Wacky Week'. There are a lot of illustrations in Michael's books. He likes to keep me busy! I think there was around 140 - 150 in the latest. Luckily they are all in black and white pen otherwise I'd still be going.

I have now started on the finals of my picture book. This little spot illo is a rough from the book where Wendy spends some time in hospital. I like this illo of Wendy. It sort of sums up her whole personality. I need to get everything to Penguin by the end of January which sounds like a long way away but is not when you factor in the xmas period and because I'm doing a mixed media thing I'm sending all my illos down to the printers in Melbourne to be scanned then get them back again to work on the computer so it's all a bit of a drawn out process. Just knocked back a bunch of School Magazine work too so I now have a free run ahead which is highly unusual.

Will keep you posted...


Jan Svankmajer

Came across this brilliant bit of stop animation recently. Jan Svankmajer has a fantastic imagination. It's a little creepy in some ways but the overall idea is inspirational. He has this ability to engage the viewer in such a way that you almost end up watching out of the corner of your eye not really knowing whether you want to watch the whole thing. Talk about a good story arc.



This is a cover I illustrated for School Magazine recently. It was for a story on static electricity. That is all.