New site - it is coming (no, really!)

Sorry it's been a little quiet around here. I have been busy illustrating a picture book called 'I am Cow, Hear Me Moo!' for Penguin US and working on the site with the very clever Sean of SMPC at every opportunity I get. This blog will become the 'News' section and it is all going to be hosted on the Squarespace platform which is pretty flippin' cool. I am very happy with the way it's shaping up so far - really clean looking and really me. A clue: think vegetables.

Anyway, ah... it's going to up sometime soon. Hope all's well with everyone. Cheers, Gus x



New site

Hey everyone. Just letting you guys know that I am changing this blog and transforming it (rather slowly!) into a bona fide website with a whole lot more stuff going on - woah!

Anyway, stay with me (please) while a bunch of tweaking (that's code speak people) and prodding is happening. I'll try to keep the noise down. Stay tuned.


Herman and Rosie cover


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I can finally, officially tell you my news! Herman & Rosie has been sold to a US publisher! My agent in New York ended up taking the book to auction where Neal Porter Books (Macmillan) won the rights to publish. Very exciting! There is a bit about it in Publishers Weekly here: (http:// ?u=d684790bedf89afe76e7b915 6&id=874e62f3f2&e=cf2ee82a e1) Will let you know US publishing dates when I get them. Huge thanks to my agent Charlie Olsen at Inkwell Management. Have been sitting on this for two weeks - couldn't hold it in much longer!
Woah! It's been awhile huh - sorry. Well, my book, Herman and Rosie is in the bag, done and dusted. It is now doing the rounds overseas (I have some exciting news about this but can't tell you just yet!) So happy to have finally finished what has been a huge project for me - one that was both fun and exhausting. I don't want to crap on about the hours I put into this book but I can safely say that I have never spent as much time on one singular book. There is a little more about this in an interview I did over here at the Kids Book Review (KBR) site. Thankfully Penguin Australia were very patient (they were probably freaking out underneath but I'm glad they didn't let on!) I also worked with some really great people - my editor Katrina Lehman, my designer Tony Palmer and my publisher Laura Harris. These guys put in some hefty hours as well. 
Herman and Rosie comes out in Australia and New Zealand in September and as far as elsewhere in the world, I will let you know soon - when they let me talk about it!


Anyway it's done and I am allowed to show you the cover (above). Hope you like it.



I'm still around. Just a bit busy

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Hi guys. Sorry about the lack of postage on here. I have been pretty busy trying to finish Herman and Rosie and I'm almost there so I haven't had the time to think about much else. I have though, posted the odd thing or two over on my Facebook page (including this illustration) - sorry, I'm not abreast of all the social mediums at the same time!

Anyway, I had better keep this short. This illustration is of a bunch of trees I am drawing for Central Park on my Manhattan map illustration. It's a heap of fun drawing a map. Especially a map of New York. See you in a bit - maybe over on my Facebook page!



On the subway

Man, this makes me happy! This is one of the many reasons why I will always love New York. I can't imagine this happening anywhere else.